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Doctors That Care About Your Trauma Injuries!

We are a Group of passionate Injury chiropractors in Las Vegas, accredited in both Chiropractic Rehab and Medical diagnostics to provide the most thorough care. If you're hurt in a Personal-Injury, Whiplash, Motor vehicle collision, in Las Vegas, Call for a free consultation.


We care about you!

Our initial primary goal is to locate and objectify your injuries to best treat you or to refer you to the right specialists that get you well fast and back to life! 


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If you live in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, suffer from a personal-injury causing, whiplash, neck pain, low back pain, headaches, numbness or tingling after a personal injury motor vehicle collision, Call one of the offices above to start your recovery now!

How We Are Different…

Education and Experience

What makes our doctors unique, is that they've gone through an extensive amount of education, far above the Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Each doctor is a trained Primary Spine Care Provider, and certified in Spinal Trauma, Accident Reconstruction, Spinal MRI Interpretation (SUNY  Medical School In Buffalo New York) and Spinal Biomechanics. See the doctors Curriculum Vitae link when you click on their location above.

Details, Details, Details…

 Before a LVSR physician begins your treatment he will perform a detailed and thorough history, physical examination, gather historical health data and fully document it in your personal chart. Low Dose X-rays may be taken along with digital motion studies for the diagnosis of Grade 2+ Spinal Ligament tears, not seen on standard x-rays, and often missed. You may need further imaging such as an MRI or nerve testing if warranted. 


 For you to get the most thorough care, you may be referred to a specific medical specialist, a neurologist, spinal orthopedist, extremity orthopedist, a pain management physician or any other specialist that you may need to get the fastest results for your healthcare. If you have a healthcare provider, we are happy to work along with them for your benefit.

Spinal Adjustments, Rehabilitative Therapies

 Each office offers state-of-the-art rehabilitative therapies along with specific chiropractic adjustments catered to best suit your specific injuries.

Las Vegas Auto Collisions

 Our climate makes our roads unique. Windy conditions make our roads dusty, and the lack of rainfall can cause our roads to become extremely slick during wet road conditions. Intoxicated drivers or cell phone use, unfortunately is a  common cause of a motor vehicle crash.

Caring and Compassionate Doctors and Staff

  Our staff members are compassionate individuals that assist the doctors to get you well as quickly as possible.

LVSR Treats Las Vegas Injured


Your Rehab starts here...

All of the Las Vegas Chiropractic physicians at LVSR are trained to locate and treat neck and back injury as a result of motor vehicle collisions, or any other personal injury. Our goal is to move you from passive treatments to more active treatments as you improve, and get you back on your feet fast.  Specific chiropractic adjustments with physiotherapy can restore the function of injured joints and injured muscles to help alleviate pain. The Las Vegas Chiropractors at LVSR are dually credentialed in chiropractic and medical training.

Traumatic Herniated disc pain can be treated successfully...

Spinal decompression therapy can be a very effective treatment in the alleviation of Neck pain, low back pain, disc related nerve pain that radiates into your arms or legs. There are numerous forms to best suit your specific injury. 

Effective FDA approved Low Level Laser

Low Level Lasers (aka Cold Lasers, Photobiomodulation) has been effective in the treatment of soft tissue injuries. Carpel tunnel syndrome, cervical pain, lower back pain. Muscle, tendon, disk pain responds well to this therapy. 

Therapeutic exercise

After the acute stage of healing, and your pain begins to become under control, strength and stabilizing exercises are introduced to support the injured area. Our Las Vegas doctors and assistants affiliated with LVSR, are well versed in teaching you the correct way to maximize your recovery.

Interferential E-Stim, Moist Heat, Ice

Other adjunctive physiotherapy's that can assist in your neck and back pain recovery through the different phases of your healing. 

Muscle Therapy

During the healing phase after a traumatic injury, muscles can be bruised, get congested and painful. Trigger Point therapy or specific percussion/ massage treatments of muscle spasm, can release tight congested muscles and improve spine and extremity range of motion. 

Medical Studies, Chiropractic


Chiropractic Use is on the Rise!

Cervical curve and its relationship to neck pain

Read this study

This study concludes that a curve less than 20° coincides with chronic neck pain.  Greater than 31° demonstrated functional normal. Whiplash injuries can cause loss of normal cervical curvature.

Specific chiropractic care helps with dizziness and vertigo

Working with your medical doctor only benefits you!

What does it take to become a modern day Doctor of Chiropractic

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